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Artist from Gifu Prefecture (Itʼs in the middle of Japan). Mocca has been singing since 2000.


Through the mystic power of music, Mocca has aspired to embody a world where there are no borders between dance and painting, adults and children, the present and the past, the afterlife and this world, and people with disabilities and those without. A world of oneness, where everyone is together.

Her voice resonates from various angles, from aggressive improvised music and healing sessions to singing sincere peaceful messages with her guitar/keyboard accompaniment.

Recently, Mocca has been creating works under the themes of “sympathy and prayer” and “harmony,” holding dear the "invisible power of feeling.”

In her life work, “Meditation Gathering for Voicing and Breathing,” Makiko tries to reexamine the peace of mind and body and create a healthy and truly rich time of mindfulness.

In 2011, Mocca returned from her city life to Gifu, a place rich in nature, and let go of the mainstream ideas of “major success”. She has sought activities rooted in the “ground” (local cultural scenes) and has organized and directed experimental art activities.


Life is Art!
Mocca has been organizing the "Rice Cultivation Art Festival" (#いなフェス) in Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture. This art festival is dedicated by her and her artist comrades to rice paddies and Tejikarao Shrine with their own interpretation of Japanese myths. Mocca is expanding the circle of people who enjoy life with the Earth through the fusion of rice farming experience and art.

Mocca has given birth to two children, both at home, attended by her dancer husband. She is a dog lover and a qualified Reiki healer since 2022.


Kimono is her daily wear.

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